FF Alega™



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My intention was to create a face with a technical look that was still very readable and suitable for headlines as well as body text. While working on several fun faces I suddenly discovered a form which seemed to be a good basis for a new font. This form appears in all Alega fonts, especially in the letters b, d, p, q. It was a challenge to find new forms for several characters, for example the capital X looks like a prehistoric cave painting. I also transferred the Antiqua lower case g into a technoid form. I tested legibility using texts from pharmaceutical products which you really must read character by character because you wouldn’t recognize the words with just a cursory glance at the text. The family contains true italics with emphasis on the handwritten character as you can see in the long descender of the italic f. The widths of the upper case letters correspond to the lower case letters which gives the face a homogenous look and emphasizes its technical character. In the expert fonts you will find alternative commercial ats (@), an old form of the German double s, 15 f and t ligatures and several different arrows. I think you can use FF Alega for headlines, as a corporate typeface or text face, as well as for pop magazines, business journals and anthroposophic typography. Read also the interview with Jon Coltz on www.daidala.com.